Attention, expertise
and security




The Banknote Printing Company has a licence issued by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (HFSA) to manufacture securities. HBPC has been manufacturing a wide range of securities for several decades, and is the only printing house in Hungary being able to produce them by intaglio printing as well. Our company undertakes not only the graphic design planning of the required product but also the development of an anti-forgery security system.


HBPC design customized shares and bonds for each customer. We integrate numerous security elements into the product, for example in addition to intaglio printing with our world-class hologram hot stamping equipment positioned or continuous holograms can be irremovably applied on the paper with high precision and even simultaneously on multiple foil tracks. Currently these are state-of-the-art security solutions.

Securities and bonds are printed on background border frame made of a special guilloche line system. UV-active inks and rainbow printing are also available. Protection is further enhanced by multi-tone watermarks and a special security paper containing various UV-fluorescent security fibres.

Our company undertakes to carry out all the official procedures at the competent authorities required for licensing the ordered securities and to obtain all necessary documents, thus relieve customers of the burden of licensing.