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Since 1949, passports and other travel documents / booklets have been produced in Hungary exclusively at the Hungarian Banknote Printing Company.

All kinds of Hungarian passports are produced with an electronic storage element (chip), which contains personal data and biometric information – facial image and two finger prints – of the legal holder.

Hungarian passports are produced with a Hungarian-developed, hybrid datapage that combines all the protections – provided by polycarbonate films and unique watermarked security paper – against forging / counterfeiting. The datapage is personalized by laser engraving.

Hungarian travel documents with a validity period of up to one year do not contain chips. The datapage of these documents are security paper printed by intaglio and personalized with ink-jet.


In Hungary, the Hungarian Banknote Printing Company is the only company which has intaglio printing plate production technology and the necessary machine park for the implementation of high-quality, large-format intaglio printing.


HBPC has nearly century long traditional experience in intaglio printing technology and many more.


E-Passport, E-Diplomatic Passport,  E-Foreign Service Passport, E-Passport (service), E-Seafarer Passport, Temporary passport, Protégée passport booklet, Passport for foreign citizens, Travel certificate for stateless people, Bilingual travel document for refugees (Genève), Hungarian citizenship certificate, Hungarian citizenship certificate for relatives, Border crossing permit


Paper based documents can be the form of card (e.g. address card), self-adhesive documents (e.g. visa sticker) or individual single page documents (e.g. vehicle registration certificate, birth certificate).



Certificate of domicile , Vehicle accompanying form, Civil status documents, Vehicle registration certificate, Temporary driving license, Temporary identity card, Citizenship document