Attention, expertise
and security

Integrated management policy

The Banknote Printing Company – the only printing-house in Hungary that provides intaglio technology – always strives to manage the company in such a way as to bring complete satisfaction to its proprietor, to its customers, to its employees, to its business partners, and to the public.
Our strategic goals are to ensure the operation of our business procedures and to minimise the relevant risks.
Our intention is to carry out all our business operations observing the principles of sustainable development and those laws and regulations relevant to our company’s operations and products.

In order to achieve the above goals, our company operates an integrated management system, which complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 14298 standards, and the EMAS regulated by the European Commission regulation 2017/1505 and the 1221/2009/EC regulation. This integrated management system is being continuously maintained and improved so as to:

  • gain, maintain and continuously improve our customers’ trust and satisfaction, especially by
  • ensuring the renewable issue of banknotes,
  • achieving a diversified market presence,
  • achieving outstanding quality based on our customer feedback,
  • creating a customer-oriented service image,
  • delivering innovative and complex solutions,
  • improving the efficiency and quality of our supply and logistics processes,
  • implementing an effective product and service development process,
  • continuously increasing the efficiency of our production,
  • assessing and improving our processes,
  • understanding customer needs and improving our skills,
  • continuously improving our environmental performance, monitor our environmental effects, and reduce our environmental pressure,
  • safely managing the sewage water of our galvanic plant and the wiping water filtering process,
    professionally handling and reducing the volume of dangerous waste,
  • maintaining low levels of noise pressure and air pollution,
  • improving the efficiency of raw material and energy consumption,
  • executing security measures in order to meet customer requirements and to deal with the risks arising from business operations
  • complying with physical safety and product safety requirements,
    managing IT safety and human security problems,
  • creating a reliable information database system,
  • defining and observing trade secret and data security requirements,
  • urging our suppliers and partners to improve their quality and environmental performance and to comply with our security requirements,
  • continuously informing, training and educating our employees in order for them to able to work more attentively,
  • continuously improving our employees’ working conditions,
  • communicating actively with relevant partners.

In order to achieve the directives laid down in our policy, we outline targets and programs, the progress of which are regularly evaluated. For the purposes of supporting the operation of our integrated management system and monitoring the realization of our targets, we have established an Integrated Management System Committee. According to the commitment they have made in the Policy, the Banknote Printing Company’s leadership provides the necessary resources for the realization of the targets, and they require each and every employee to be fully aware of their personal responsibility in achieving the above mentioned targets.