Attention, expertise
and security

Counterfeiting protection


Our anti-forgery documents are printed on special security paper substrates. These security papers are only available to those printing houses which have the required licence issued by the competent authority. These paper substrates feature the following protective elements:

Watermark: It may be positive, negative or multi-tone, and can be positioned or random.
Safety Strips: These may be metal steamed or transparent. Strips can be magnetic, as well as invisible under natural light, fluorescent or phosphorescent under UV-light. At request, strips can have some lettering as well.
Safety Fibres: Fibres can be colourful or invisible under natural light, or single- or multi-colour fluorescent under UV-light.
Chemical Protection: These materials change colour when the paper substrates is unwarrantedly manipulated.

These are special inks and paints, which can have the following characteristics:

  • luminescent paints (they appear in different colour according to the wavelength of the irradiated light)
  • optically iridescent paints (they appear in different colour depending on the direction of the viewing eye)
  • paints with chemical protection
  • magnetic paints (with measurable magnetic characteristics)
  • other special paints

Hologram Printing
Hologram and foil printing ensures high level security against forgery, therefore, these are used mostly in banknote, securities, document and stamp manufacturing. Hologram printing technology is a type of letterpress method, where the previously prepared holographic foil is printed on the paper by using extreme force and heat.