Attention, expertise
and security



Utilizing the high level professional experience and skills of our experts we offer customized, innovative and complex system solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


Comprehensive product and graphic design from the base concept to the final product.
During the design process of the required graphic elements and applied technology we consider the product as a complete system. We take into account all the requirements regarding special security, personalization and practical application, therefore we aim to work in close co-operation with our clients to be able to create all the graphic data to their complete satisfaction.


The key to the success of both stand-alone products and complete projects is choosing the right technology. Our experts have a thorough knowledge and profound experience in all known and popular technologies in the entire field of security printing industry, so that we can offer to carry out the design and specification of printing systems tailored to the needs of our customers.


Hungarian Banknote Printing Company is the only domestic banknote manufacturer printing house and is one of the largest companies printing security products with document protection and anti-counterfeit qualities.
Applied printing technologies are follows:

  • Intaglio printing (unique in Hungary)
  • Offset printing on sheets up to a size of B/1
  • Rotary offset printing, even with edge perforation, cross perforation or as a foldout
  • Simultan offset printing gives the highest registration accuracy within the page and between the front and back pages
  • Digital printing, personalization, serialization, barcode printing
  • Letterpress, serialization up to a size of A/1
  • Hot stamping of positioned and random holograms
  • Screen printing up to a size of B/2
  • Rainbow printing
  • Embossing


Our anti-forgery property of the documents is partially coming from their special security paper substrates. These security papers are only available to those printing houses which have the required license issued by the competent authority. These paper substrates incorporate the following protective elements:

Watermark: It may be positive, negative or multi-tone and can be mould, electrotype, window or a fourdrinier watermark.
Security Thread: These may be metal steamed or transparent, can be magnetic, as well as invisible under natural light and fluorescent or phosphorescent under UV-light. According to the Customer’s request texts and/or images can be micro-printed on the thread.
Security Fibers: Fibers can be colorful or invisible to the eye or single- or multi-colour fluorescent under UV-light and also in combination with each other.
Chemical Sensitizers: These materials change color in case of a forging attempt.

There are also special security inks, which can have the following properties:

  • luminescent inks (they appear in different colour according to the wavelength of the irradiated light)
  • optically iridescent paints (they appear in different colour depending on the direction of the viewing eye)
  • inks with chemical protection
  • magnetic inks (with measurable magnetic qualities)
  • other special functional inks

Hologram Printing

Hologram Printing
Hologram and foil printing ensures high level security against counterfeiting, therefore the method is used mostly in banknote, securities, document and stamp manufacturing. Hologram printing technology is a type of letterpress method, where the previously prepared holographic foil is printed on the paper by using extreme force and heat.



During the personalisation process, electronic serialization and different types of barcodes can be integrated into the product and at the same time we are ready to create an entirely customized serialization algorithm, if required.


HBPC is equipped with a multi-level safeguarding and perimeter security system and also with a vault that operates according to bank security principles.

The applied product verification protocols and instruments and the accounting and monitoring system of the printing plates guarantee the security of the products subject to strict accounting during their whole lifecycle within the printing house and the uninterrupted flow of important information towards the customer.



The ordered products in HBPC, according to the strictest production security measurements, are solely manufactured and delivered corresponding precisely to the Customer’s general and quantitative demand and all of the production waste remaining after the manufacturing process is annihilated in a secure and recorded manner.

The banknotes being in circulation are regularly collected in batches, inspected by our cutting-edge banknote processing equipment, so that the counterfeit or worn-out banknotes can be detected and the good quality banknotes re-circulated.
Products, documents or cards which are subject to strict accounting or have high security features are annihilated in the presence of an independent committee. Such products are milled, then pressed into briquettes, and a report is recorded about the procedure.
Annihilation is performed within the premises of the Banknote Printing Company and the whole procedure is recorded by closed-circuit cameras. Upon request, after previous agreement, the annihilation process may also be attended by the customer’s representatives.