Attention, expertise
and security



The Banknote Printing Company takes its name from its most important product, the banknote. We are proud of having the privilege of printing the valid national currency of Hungary to our proprietor, the Central Bank of Hungary.


Banknotes are manufactured by using intaglio printing technology, practised exclusively by HBPC in Hungary. The Forint banknote series include six denominations and all of them uniformly are having a 154 X 70 mm size intaglio print on both sides. The different patterns of the security background prints are having UV-fluorescent qualities.
The banknotes are having serial numbers printed both vertically and horizontally and they also indicate the year of printing and the signature of vice-presidents of the Central Bank of Hungary.


The graphic design of the banknotes in circulation have been created by György Pálinkás graphic designer artist. The fronts of the banknotes portray prominent figures of the Hungarian history; on the back-sides historical places related to the people on the front are pictured.


Under a magnifying glass, the banknotes show the corresponding denomination and the name of the Central Bank of Hungary both as an acronym ‘MNB’ and written in full ‘MAGYAR NEMZETI BANK’ in micro text. The micro-lettering on actual banknotes can be discerned clearly, it is well-readable and the letters are unified, not fragmented, broken or smudged.



On the front of the banknote beside the watermark area there is a structured holographic metal stripe. On its surface the Hungarian coat of arms and the ‘MNB’ letters can be seen in the recurring patterns. The indication of the denomination (20 000) is shown vertically in the stripe.




The tactile ink layer is a quite thick layer of paint and specifically communicating with the denomination and supports the recognition of the banknote for the blind and visually impaired users.




The blue and green fibres and the red dots in the banknote paper are fluorescent under UV-light, which can be detected on both sides of the banknote.



The galloping horse motive on the front of the 500 Forint is varying its colour optically in case of rotating the banknote.



The front-and back side of the banknotes are forming a perfectly organic unit.

When holding the banknotes against the light the patterns in the upper right corner of the front and the ones in the upper left corner of the back are showing a complete ’H’ letter.



The intaglio printing is a very unique technology which is also used by HBPC adeptly on banknotes and security documents.

Very fine and precise artworks are engraved into the intaglio plates, which plates then will print the paper with several tons of weight press.

These remarkably fine graphic details are not only visible, but also tangible. In terms of banknotes intaglio is used for printing the value of denominations, the portraits and the corresponding images on the back.



Hungarian Banknote Printing Company has designed and manufactured a specimen banknote with the portrait of Ferenc Puskás, which should represent the high technical and aesthetic standards of Hungarian banknote-printing. This is a world-class banknote and at the same time an entirely Hungarian product.

This banknote meets the strictest professional quality and security requirements. The 21 different security features of it practically make it impossible to counterfeit.

Beside the applied special professional solutions its uniqueness comes also from the full body portait of Ferenc Puskás.



The graphic design concept developed by György Pálinkás is defined by the life-work of Ottó Herman, the self-educated natural scientist. This specimen banknote for marketing purposes is issued in both portrait and landscape formats of the same dimensions (162 X 75 mm).

The Herman Ottó banknote is a marketing product with multi-tone positioned watermark (in landscaped format with hidden security fibre), 4+4 colour super simultan offset printing, iridescent silk-screen printed and on both side with OVI® and/or with a special custom shape window Kinegram® APL foil (APL FLUX /zero-zero relief).