Attention, expertise
and security

Collection, annihilation


The Banknote Printing Company operates under strict production assurance conditions, therefore, the product is delivered exclusively to the customer in the exact volume ordered. Any scraps and waste products remaining after the manufacturing process are annihilated in a secure and recorded manner.
The banknotes being in circulation are regularly collected in batches, inspected by our cutting-edge banknote processing equipment, so that we can filter out the counterfeit or worn-out banknotes. The good quality banknotes are re-circulated.
Products, documents or cards which are subject to strict accountability or have high security features are annihilated in the presence of an independent committee. Such products are milled, then pressed into briquettes, and a report is prepared about the procedure.
Annihilation is performed within the premises of the Banknote Printing Company and the whole procedure is recorded on video. Upon preliminary request, the customer’s representative may also be present.