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Welcome to our company’s new website, where you can find information about the history of the past 100 years of Hungarian Banknote Printing Company and the wide range of its current business activities. Our printing house has been founded in 1925, therefore we are one of the oldest and most iconic Hungarian companies.

We are proud of having the privilege of printing the valid currency of Hungary for the use of our proprietor, the Central Bank of Hungary. Apart from cutting-edge security solutions, our bank notes feature specific artistic elements as well, which are printed by intaglio,- a technology used exclusively by us in Hungary.

Beside the banknote printing activity our company offers other cutting-edge security services (to protect official documents and other products) to our current and future partners. We also provide complex system solutions  for secure identities, data and infrastructures.
Our co-operation with our subsidiary, DIPA Diósgyőr Paper Mill – which manufactures different kinds of special security paper – makes it possible for us to offer a complete security product value chain from the substrate to the final product and further to the system level solutions.

Our mission is to provide services and products of high aesthetic value, so that our domestic and international clients would recognize their superior quality and use them in the future.

For further information, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you in your enquiries.

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Zsolt Majláth

The Hungarian Banknote Printing Company always strives to manage itself in such a way as to bring complete satisfaction to its business partners, proprietor, employees, but most importantly to the public.
Our work is based on three guiding principles: engagement, skill and security.


Our clients and partners are very important to us. We believe we can grow and improve our mindsets together through joined effort. Our company realizes its environmental operations by the dedicated behaviour of its leadership and its each and every employee, while it still maintains a high aesthetic value.


Our highly skilled staff is provided with continuous opportunities for professional development in order for us to be able to offer innovative and complex system solutions to our clients.


The Hungarian Banknote Printing Company is equipped with a vault that operates on bank security principles, with a multi-level safeguarding and perimeter security system, which makes the security level of our printing facility unequalled in Europe.


1055 Budapest, Markó u. 13-17.
Tel: (36-1) 332-6900
Fax: (36-1) 332-0593