Attention, expertise
and security




The Banknote Printing Company has been continuously manufacturing plastic and paper based cards since 2001. We apply the latest technology to be able to offer a wide range of card products: loyalty cards, national health insurance cards, entry cards, telecommunication cards, city cards or even official document cards. Furthermore we are equipped with the necessary up-to date machinery to be able to carry out the designing and personalization of the cards.


Our company plays an important role in producing domestic document cards. In co-operation with our syndicate partner we manufacture the personal identification cards and driving licences in Hungary. As a result of our continuous product development we are offering several specialized and unique card formats, which hold strong and privileged market position. We have been producing digital tachograph cards since 2006. Not only do these cards feature printed cutting-edge security elements, but also they have a certification that complies with the relevant EU standards on chip identification. The Banknote Printing Company’s further high priority document products include: the new contactless student card with a chip (issued in 2012; operated under the National Uniform Card System (NEK)); the re-designed tax card and the service cards made for the use of the Hungarian Defence Forces.


Driving licence, Student card, Tax card, Tachograph card, Civil Guard cards.


Not only manufacturing document cards but being able to offer a full range of commercial cards is also an important mission of HBPC. We are using our expert skills and modern technology for the production of loyalty cards, national health insurance cards, entry cards, etc.


City cards, membership cards, contact and contactless chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, signature cards, holographic cards, personalized cards.



A new trend in the area of discount cards is called city card. These cards are usually issued with a contactless chip and individually personalized. The system works in a way that the card owner can claim certain discounts within a city towards the utility and service providers who are in contract with the system. These cards are usually printed in 4 colour and manufactured with an optional signature stripe.



Many service provider networks, clubs or associations provide their registered members with membership cards or loyalty cards. The card owner is usually entitled to receive discounts, benefits or extra services from the service providers of the membership or loyalty card system. These cards are usually printed in 4 colour, and they have a magnetic stripe and a signature stripe in most cases.

Since cards can be used in many ways, we are ready to plan, design and manufacture cards with special features for different purposes. Any combination of these special features can be integrated in the card during production. The following card types are available:



Should the user need larger memory storage in a plastic card, we recommend chip cards. The chip can be added to the plastic card after production to make it a contact chip card or the chip can be embedded in the plastic structure of the card during production to make it a contactless card. It is also possible to combine the two types to make a hybrid or dual interface card. The scope of application of these cards is increasingly widespread: ID chip cards, e-signature cards, digital tachograph cards, city cards.



The most popular version of membership and loyalty cards is when the back of an ordinary PVC card gets a magnetic stripe and a signature stripe. As a part of the personalization process, the data that cannot be indicated on the card, can be recorded on the magnetic stripe. The downside is that the magnetic stripe has a relatively small capacity.



Beside the machinery for personalization through embossing and indenting HBPC also has equipment for laser-engraving, thermal transfer printing, sublimation printing and inkjet printing for document and ID card personalization.

The Banknote Printing Company has made the necessary developments and is well prepared for secure data reception, verification, access etc. in the personalization process. The security applications for encryption are built in our independent internal network but not connected to the computer network of the printing house and thus guarantee the highest level of data security to our clients.


HBPC has been issuing type-approved EU chip cards used in tachograph devices since 2006. According to their application four different types are produced: driver, workshop, supervisor and company.

This is the only domestic chip card due to the type-approval requirement, which had to go through a comprehensive chip, software, card body and compatibility testing and certification. Apart from card production and personalisation, all the required logistic tasks are performed by HBPC.