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HBPC gained five star again


At the 2020 GPwA (Green Printworld Award) competition HBPC received the honourable and highest five star classification again, for the sixth time in a row.

believes that the adaptation of efficient environmentally friendly solutions into the everyday lives comes to fruition day by day. Our company realizes the environmental operations by the environmentally conscious and dedicated attitude of our leadership and our each and every employee, hence by “greening” the manufacturing technology, we do our best to meet this global challenge as successfully as possible.

GPwA came to a round, the 10th anniversary and this time 25 organizations (19 printing houses, 3 packaging material manufacturers and 2 paper distributors) submitted entries for the GPwA competition organized for the seventh time. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis the award was now presented in the online space on 27. October 2020.