Musician turns plastic SEX DOLLS into eerily life-like figures with kinky clothing and makeup

Musician turns plastic SEX DOLLS into eerily life-like figures with kinky clothing and makeup

The figurines that are fetish drawn hoards of clients despite beginning at ?5,000

  • 3 Oct 2016, 9:46
  • Updated: 3 Oct 2016, 10:24

These glamorous underwear models are sure to set pulses races WITH their perfectly blow dried hair, immaculate make-up and flawless physiques.

But they’re perhaps perhaps not models that are actually professional and on occasion even genuine ladies – they’re synthetic sex dolls.

The fetish figurines, designed by upmarket erotic company RealDoll, have actually drawn hoards of clients as a result of their eerily life-like characteristics.

Creator Matt McMullen realised there is certainly an industry for human-looking dolls and it has used a musician to create them up for the web site.

The intimate playthings, that are priced from ?5,000, are styled in seductive clothing and exhibited in raunchy poses to entice purchasers.

“The dolls usually do not come dressed, ” the musician, whom wants to keep anonymous, told frequent Star on the web.

“I constantly, constantly customise them to appear more practical with makeup and pigmented powders.

“As for wigs and clothes… I look most of it on my own.

“In addition develop sets and produce atmospheres that are complete my photography using them. “

One doll that is auburn-haired photographed perching from the end of a sleep while wearing a skimpy bra and matching pants.

She stares straight into the digital digital camera lens and pouts her bee-stung lips, that are painted with rose-coloured lip gloss.

Another figurine is snapped reclining for a messy double sleep while showing up to perform her hand through her long brunette locks.

This woman is wearing a lacy black colored negligee that is cut daringly low, providing a hint of cleavage.

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Another doll has her blonde hair styled into a minimal ponytail while her face is adorned with hefty kohl liner and girly lipstick that is pink.

She actually is dressed up in a see-through chiffon shirt, teamed with fishnet tights, a black colored mini dress and shoes, posing along with her feet crossed in the front for the fireplace — exactly like a woman that is real.

The musician stated styling the dolls “takes days”.

Meanwhile, Matt McMullen is taking care of developing sex that is life-like with a pulse that may love you straight straight back.

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