Welcome to PÉNZJEGYNYOMDA ZRT. (Hungarian Banknote Printing Shareholding Company)

Dear Visitors and Partners,

As the sole producer of banknotes, and one of the leading security printers in Hungary specialized in  production of documents and other products protected against counterfeiting cordially welcomes you

Our company was established in 1926, primarily for the production of domestic banknotes.
In the past few decades our product range has become more and more diversified. Currently we produce passports, visa, ID documents, driving licences, securities, duty and post stamps, tax stamps and banderols, paper and plastic based cards with or without chip and bank cards.

The production of banknotes has always demanded high level professional skills, printing precision and top security, but also the other security products require the very same criteria, that are excellent quality, high aesthetic standards, and protection against counterfeiting and safe production conditions.

Hungarian Banknote Printing Shareholding Comp.
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