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Andrei Zubov, a professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, who compared Russian actions in Crimea to the Anschluss of Austria, was threatened. Akexander Chuyev, the chief of the professional-Kremlin Spravedlivaya Rossiya party, additionally objected to Russian intervention in Ukraine. Boris Akunin, well-liked Russian author, predicted that Russia’s moves would lead to political and financial isolation. In Moscow, on 2 March, an estimated 27,000 rallied in help of the Russian government’s choice to intervene in Ukraine.

On 4 March, at a press conference in Novo-Ogaryovo, President Putin expressed his view on the state of affairs that if a revolution happened in Ukraine, it would be a brand new country with which Russia had not concluded any treaties. He offered an analogy with the events of 1917 in Russia, when as a result of the revolution the Russian Empire fell apart and a new state was created. However, he said Ukraine would still need to honour its debts.

Crimean agricultural yields have been additionally considerably impacted by the annexation. Ukraine reduce off provides of water by way of the North Crimean Canal, causing the 2014 rice crop to fail, and tremendously damaging the maize and soybean crops. On 24 March, the Ukrainian government ordered the complete withdrawal of all of its armed forces from Crimea. In addition, the Ministry of Defense introduced that approximately 50% of the Ukrainian troopers in Crimea had defected to the Russian navy.

The Crimean Tatar tv station was additionally shut down by the Russian authorities. after Russia’s annexation 10% of Security Service of Ukraine personnel left Crimea; accompanied by 6,000 of the pre-annexation 20,300 individuals sturdy Ukrainian army. In whole, Kommersant estimates the costs of integrating Crimea into Russia in $30 billion over the next decade, i.e. $3 billion per year. The number of tourists visiting Crimea in the 2014 season was decrease than in the previous years as a result of a mix of Western sanctions, ethical objections by Ukrainians, and the issue of getting there for Russians. The Russian government attempted to stimulate the move of tourists by subsidizing holidays in the peninsula for children and state employees from all Russia which worked principally for state-owned hotels.

In 2015, general 3 million vacationers visited Crimea based on official information, whereas before annexation it was round 5.5 million on average. The scarcity is attributed principally to stopped move of tourists from Ukraine. Hotels and eating places are additionally experiencing issues with finding enough seasonal workers, who have been most arriving from Ukraine in the preceding years.

Tourists visiting state-owned motels are complaining mostly about low normal of rooms and facilities, some of them unrepaired from Soviet occasions. While initially , salaries rose, particularly those of presidency employees, this was quickly offset by the rise in prices brought on by the depreciation of the ruble. Subsequently, after Russian authority became established, wages were cut back again by 30% to 70%. Tourism, beforehand Crimea’s major business, suffered specifically; it was down by 50% from 2014 in 2015.

At the same time solely 39% Russians living within the mainland mentioned the annexation was useful for the nation as a complete which marks a significant drop from sixty seven% in 2015. A joint survey by American government company Broadcasting Board of Governors and polling firm ukrainian mail order bride Gallup was taken during April 2014. The survey found that eighty two.eight% of these polled believed that the outcomes of the Crimean status referendum reflected the views of most residents of Crimea, whereas 6.7% said that it didn’t.

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The rallies obtained considerable consideration on Russian state TV and had been officially approved by the federal government. At least 30,000 folks at 15 March protests, named March of Peace, which took place in Moscow a day earlier than the Crimean referendum. The Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs was established by Ukrainian authorities on 20 April 2016 to manage occupied elements of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea areas affected by Russian military intervention of 2014. They stated that that is because of Russian media exhibiting them in a unfavorable gentle. On 15 April 2014, the Verkhovna Rada declared the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol to be beneath “provisional occupation” by the Russian army and imposed journey restrictions on Ukrainians visiting Crimea.

The regulation had little to no precise effect in Crimea itself because of the mutual non-recognition between Kiev and Simferopol. Two days later, the Verkhovna Rada condemned the treaty and referred to as Russia’s actions “a gross violation of international regulation”. The Rada referred to as on the worldwide neighborhood to keep away from recognition of the “so-called Republic of Crimea” or the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia as new federal subjects. In a survey completed in 2019 by a Russian firm FOM seventy two% of surveyed Crimean residents said their lives have improved since annexation.

The territories were additionally deemed “inalienable elements of Ukraine” topic to Ukrainian legislation. Among other issues, the particular law accredited by the Rada restricted foreign citizens’ actions to and from the Crimean Peninsula and forbade sure kinds of entrepreneurship. The legislation additionally forbade activity of presidency bodies shaped in violation of Ukrainian legislation and designated their acts as null and void.

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73.9% of these polled stated that they thought that the annexation would have a optimistic impact on their lives, whereas 5.5% stated that it will not. Between 2015 and 2019 over 134,000 people living in Crimea utilized for and had been issued Ukrainian passports.

On 26 March the final Ukrainian army bases and Ukrainian Navy ships had been captured by Russian troops. The referendum was held regardless of the opposition from the Ukrainian government. Official results reported about 95.5% of participating voters in Crimea (turnout was eighty three%) were in favour of seceding from Ukraine and becoming a member of Russia. According to the Constitution of Russia, the admission of new federal subjects is governed by federal constitutional legislation (art. sixty five.2).